How Safe Are Electronic Cigarette, Smokeless Cigarette, or Vapor Cigarettes?


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As electronic cigarettes are increasing in brands and flavors and already there are a lot in markets, it’s becoming more and more complicated to choose the best electronic cigarette that suits you. Your main objective should be that your e-cig can successfully replace traditional cigarettes in appearance and sensation. So, that it doesn’t take much time to adopt.

When you are choosing your own e-cig, you must consider the overall look of the device. While you are switching to e-cigs from traditional cigarettes, it’s better if your chosen one has size, outlook and appearance of traditional ones as closely as possible. Moreover, as e-cigs are little bit heavier than traditional ones, keep that in your mind. You’ll need a little bit time to get acquainted with the weight.

Consider the vapor level and the nicotine level. Vapor level gives you the throat hit just as like tobacco cigarettes. Depending on the e-cig maker, these will come in either level of none, low, medium or high and quantities are such as 4mg, 8mg, 11mg, all the way up to 36mg. You should also consider about the battery life. When you really want a vapor cigarette with the same outlook of tobacco cigarettes unfortunately it will be smaller in size and the battery won’t last a whole day. But some kits have their PCC or personal charging cases whose look like cigarette cases and contain another pre charged battery. The PCC battery in turn charges e-cig battery. You are able to change the flavor of the tobacco. With an e-cig you can have cherry or cola flavor in your vapor.

Now, there is a list of most popular e-cig categories with their advantages and their drawbacks. Hope this will make your purchase easier.

1. The Super Cigarette: These cigarettes look most likely traditional cigarettes with long battery life and solid vapor. But, the cartridges require frequent changing.


2. The Super Mini: It is the smallest type of e-cig. Its compact in size but due to the smaller size of the device, the battery becomes poorer.

 3. The Mini Cigarette: Mini cigarette with its tapered mouth piece is like a pen in length with longer battery life and solid vapor production. But, due to its unfamiliar shape the beginners need time to adopt while switched to them.

4. The Disposable E-Cigarette. These, as the name suggest, are throw-away after using e-cigs. The major benefit of the disposable e-cigarette is the handiness of no charging, replacing cartridges etc. On the other hand, many people have stated that they just aren’t as good as other types and over time, can become quite expensive.

It’s time to move on. So, don’t wait, purchase the best suited category for you. Always consider one thing, don’t negotiate with the satisfaction.


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The Green Revolution Vapor Cigarette Reviews Electronic smoke
 The steam revolution continues to grow while the green smoke is gaining popularity among consumers. The public information campaign about the dangers of Snuff has many looking for an alternative. Green Smoke is moving up the ranks at a rapid pace. The realization of electronic cigarette sales continue to keep climbing. Apparently, criticism of its use continues to grow, especially in Europe and other countries abroad.

While governments in all countries around the world are trying to put a stop to this smoking alternative, vapor revolution continues to grow. With all the claims made questioning their safety, I have not read a story about any death caused by electronic cigarettes. Green Smoke continues to lead the cause of giving people an alternative to lighting up.

As we continue to watch the news about the revolution of steam to do electronic cigarettes popping up everywhere. In late night television shows and even in the latest movie. Showing a popular actor grab one and take a few puffs of it before letting his shirt pocket. I think it was a green smoke electronic cigarette, but it was hard to tell. We think he has one of those skins you can buy and wrap around. Therefore, it does not look like the white paper of a traditional cigarette.

 If you are not a smoker, you may not have heard about the revolution of steam. If not, then let me ask you this before you leave and go to the next page. Do you know anyone in your life who does not smoke. A friend or someone in your family? Someone you care a lot and would like to see stop. It's people like this that are becoming part of the revolution of steam on a daily basis. Whether you choose green smoke different brands available. The most important part is most of these people are more lighting. They have destroyed the lighters and matches.
Being the nontraditional snuff for more than six months and a supporter of the revolution of steam, often forget that I have one in my hand. My green smoke has taken place which requires a match to light. They look like a cigarette, feels like a cigarette and appear as someone around you. Here's the fun part of being part of the revolution of steam. I've done it in the past, where I forget I have a green smoke in hand. I go into the store, take a hit of it and exhale. Just to hear,

 "Excuse Me! Lord? Smoking is not allowed in here. Please, take a step back and fighting off before you get back to the store. Thanks."
I mean, "This is a green smoke. I do not smoke."
My gut reaction is to go back and say, "It's not a real cigarette." Just to hear,

"Lord .... please. Saw smoke coming out of your mouth and I know what a cigarette looks. Please do not make me call security."
So most of the time just put in your pocket and keep walking in. Just to get that look from several people that the eyes are saying, "Did you see what just made fool? He just put a lit cigarette in your pocket! " I say: "It is a green mist. Not to worry and take a fire extinguisher." Usually, someone standing outside the door with one of those used to smoke cigarettes. I give them a card and tell them to become part of the revolution of steam.